I worked with Aspire Property Finance earlier this year with regard to a number of financial deals/arrangements which needed to be resolved on my behalf. I worked principally with Nicki Cholefko and Rachael Lee. Their role would be to initially advise me about the optimum financial solution for my situation and then to progress this and liaise on my behalf with the relevant corporate organisations.

I admit to intially being a bit dazzled by the knowledge and expertise of financial advisor Nicki Cholefko. I have considerable experience in this area myself but Nicki is streets ahead of others. Nicki has a razor-sharp intellect; she is resourceful and tenacious and extremely conscientious in pursuing the resolution. This was confimed on several occasions when I received emails from Nicki after 7pm to inform me that a particular matter was resolved. This made a lasting impression on me. Similarly Rachael negotiated and liaised on my behalf to maximum effect with a number of corporate organisations.

I have been extremely impressed and I look forward to working with this company, and particularly Nicki and Rachael, again in the near future.


Property InvestorProperty Investor

Excellent Service across the board! APF have gone above and beyond to help us secure the best value finance available.

A great team, with tried and tested experience from across the banking world. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or to use again!


Matthew Slade, Vertex and Stalwart Investment GroupsVertex and Stalwart Investment Groups

I have been developing properties for a number of years, each property having some type of challenge when obtaining finance.

Since meeting Rich I have been very impressed regarding his knowledge of the market place, and pro-active nature to complete each of our transactions (predominantly auction properties).

Rich is very knowledgeable regarding distressed properties and has ensured we are aware of suitable products to match our needs.

Each of our purchases, and refinance transactions have been and will continue to be managed by Rich and his team. It is a comfort to know that he continues to go above and beyond, helping us have a positive outcome. Whilst financing a property we are informed step by step regarding progress of the transaction. As we mainly focus on auction purchases this is important, and Rich acts as the central pin to complete each of our transactions. This management and oversight brings a great deal of calm to the auction purchasing process.

Given any financing needs I recommend Rich and his team. From traditional house purchases via estate agents, through to the tight timeframe auction purchases, Rich has managed smoothly on every occasion for us.

Lance Roberts, iYard LtdLance Roberts, iYard Ltd

I have been working with Rich now for over 4 years and over that period have moved all of my existing portfolio across to his company, as well as all new businesses.

His expert guidance and knowledge of the finance (mortgage) and investment industry is second to none.

He is meticulous in his assessment of the best finance deals and tailors his advice and proposal based on the types of investment situation, which is the service I value the most.
Rich also acts a sounding board and is truly a part of my power team.
I highly recommend his service (and in fact do to all of my friends and business colleagues)!!


Quiddity Group LtdQuiddity Group Ltd