Unlike Dan I have completed a life sentence (28 years) at my second home Midland/HSBC Bank – this included roles such as branch manager, corporate real estate & senior international manager, working across the South West of England based out of offices in Bristol, Bath & Swindon.

These roles have given me an in-depth knowledge of the banking sector, developed specialist knowledge in the real estate and international banking sectors and hence I gained considerable experience in structuring funding packages for all sized business.

The 28 years of working in the south west has resulted in a vastly experienced network of professionals giving me a strong commercial market awareness and the challenges it faces in today’s economy.

I left the bank in 2014 firmly believing that I could assist business far better outside the bank based by having a much wider range of funding options.

My age dictates that I am a lover of 80s music and currently enjoying a number of concerts from the so called ‘legends’ of that era. I also enjoy sport where I help coach my twin boys in their local club.

My best lesson I have learnt is that never respond to emails when you are hung-over or annoyed.


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